Q: How does AstrosageMarriage Work?

A: AstrosageMarriage is a technological revolution in the current matrimony website market. Register free on our website, create your profile and you are good to proceed on this website. Search for your desired profiles, contact them through free messaging service(Yes, we do not charge you anything for this), and have happy marriage. And once that is done, Please do send us your testimonials!!

Q: I see some points mentioned against some profiles, while some do not have that. What does it mean?

A: These are Gun Milan (Kundli Milan) points, for which the Pundits charge you money. This Gun Milan feature is taken up very religiously in Indian Marriages. We at AstrosageMarriage, do it free for you, here. These are driven corresponding to the birth details entered by you and the corresponding user. If any one of you has not filled in the birth details, the Gun Milan can not be done and hence is left empty. We encourage you to fill in your birth details in order to have this step done in the early stages of building relationship.

Q: When I registered myself on AstrosageMarriage, I was working in xxx company and I used my official emailId to register. Now, I want to keep the communications in my personal mail account. Where do I change my email Id?

A: Go to User Settings → Change Email Id.

Q: I am not able to send messages to users. I am getting an error 'Your phone no. should be verified'. What is this and Why?

A: We at AstrosageMarriage, take your privacy very seriously. We want to have genuine profiles on our website, which makes it imperative to get the mobile number verified. In order to verify your mobile, please enter the verification code sent to you in an SMS in the given box on the website. Once your mobile number is verified, you are free to contact other profiles.

Q: I do not want all the users to send messages to me. I would like to analyze the profiles first, and then make a decision as to whether to start conversing with that person. How do I switch off my message receiving?

A: We at AstrosageMarriage understand your privacy and hesitation too. Although we encourage everyone to keep this option open in order to have maximum contacts and messaging, on the other hand, if messages get the better of you, you can go through this option. Go to User Settings-> Message Settings, and turn off the messaging feature. You will no longer receive the messages from other users. Rather when they visit your profile, they will get the button stating 'Connect with xxx'.On click of that button, you will receive a message in your Inbox. You can then, analyze the profile and decide whether to start conversing with them.

Q: I accidentally registered myself as female/male. How do I change it?

A: For the first 7 days of registration, you can change the gender in Edit Profile. In case, you miss changing it during that period, our customer support can help you with this step.

Q: How can I shortlist some of the profiles?

A: When you like a profile you can 'Add to Favorite' the profile. All your 'Favorite' profiles are listed in the Favorites page.

Q: Why AstrosageMarriage, when there already are so many established matrimonial websites around?

A: AstroSageMarriage is totally different from other matrimony websites in the market. Hence, we stand alone at our position in this domain. What makes us different is our USP – Gun Milan, Free messaging, and everything else absolutely Free! We don’t charge you for anything, and along with maintaining the privacy, we ensure that all the profiles are genuine by proper verification. Our system is capable enough to help you find your perfect match yourself. All you need is to search the one, start communication, get married, and write your testimonial for us. Yes, it is so simple with us!

Q: I really like the features on AstrosageMarriage website. Can I invite my friends too to this wonderful website?

A: Of course yes! In Settings → Invite Friends, you can either get your Gmail contacts using your Gmail credentials or you can specify the email Ids in the given text box to send the invite to your friends.

Q: I surf through this website in my office time as well. But really do not want to appear online so as to avoid any frequent messaging. Can I go offline?

A: We understand your need to look offline. Go to Settings → User Settings-> Visibility Mode. Here you can turn it off to appear offline to others.

Q: I do not want to receive Emails for every message. How do I turn this off?

A: Go to Settings → User Settings-> Email Notification. Here you can turn it off to stop receiving emails.

Q: I belong to the southern state of India and am looking for a match. The Wonderful Gun milan feature that you offer comes in Ashtakoot style(North Indian chart style), I would rather have it in Porutham (South Indian chart style). Is there a way to change this?

A: Of course, yes. Go To User Settings-> Chart Style and select the South Indian chart style. The profile that you view will show the Porutham points along with the conclusion.

Q: Okay, So it appears too Good and too free in one glance. What is the catch here?

A: You got us! The catch here is that there is no catch!! This website is absolutely free. Our website is the only one in the current matrimony market which can proudly say so. Even the Gun Milan feature, for which people pay thousands of rupees to their Pundits, is done here for free. We truly believe in serving our customers better. Here you do get Free Lunch!!!!